Equine Care by Design

Our ingredients are especially important to us. We believe horses have been exposed to an overabundance of chemicals and harmful products. You will not find garbage in our products… we took it a step further than most; we only use human grade ingredients! We do not need to add extra ingredients to have a longer label or to use more volume in a bottle. Forget that we cut right to the chase and only added what we needed to be the most effective. In addition, what most people don’t understand is how the mixture of a product can create synergy or keep it dormant. Have you ever bought a product for yourself or an equine buddy and not gotten the results you were promised or expected? We have all been there, it is frustrating. Having a chemist working on the development of all the products ensures they are properly formulated and they work! 

KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) has been adopted and used around the company. Horses have to have the ability to heal and thrive in their own environment. Yet the environment we give horses is not always conducive to what they need. At this point we have two options: fix the issues or just throw a random product to the horse and wish for luck. I do not know about you, our horses are worth more than the second option. I am willing to fix the problem!