Equine Care by Design

Customer Testimonials

About a year and half ago my friend introduced me to a gelding looking for his forever home. She had done training on him years ago, but his owner had more horses than she could ride and he had been sitting in the pasture for years. When I came out to meet him, he was a wonderful horse but there was one big problem. He had a huge chunk of his hoof that was broken off with no explanation. I still to this day don’t know why I decided to take him home and help him, but I did. He saw multiple vets. I had x-rays taken. I reached out to other vets for second and third opinions. No one could tell me what was wrong with his foot and worse, if he would ever fully recover. I washed his hoof daily and applied product after product trying to fight the mud and bacteria. No matter what I tried, his foot continued to get worse. The hoof growth slowed down, his frog was shrinking, he had multiple abscesses and even his overall foot confirmation was off. I started looking for more resources and ran across an advertisement for Jerry speaking about hoof health at a local horse convention. I met Jerry and shared my geldings story.

He came out a week later and introduced me to the hoof clay. He gave me a daily regime of cleaning, drying and applying the Pacific NW Formula clay. Within weeks we saw miraculous change for the better. After 5 months, his hoof was completely grown back, the frogs were healthy and his confirmation was back to what it should be. I could not be more thankful for this product. There’s a saying “no hoof, no horse” and I can honestly say this product saved my horse’s life.

—Customer Laura

I just wanted to say, that I was very impressed with your lineament and leg mud. I use the lineament on my SI joint and get so much relief. I had bought the mud for a horses that had get a leg stuck in something and has inflammation and infection and I just wasn’t able to get all the inflammation out. I used a little lineament first and then the mud and put a sweat on overnight. The results were amazing. After I took the wrap off, I left the mud on to dry. I am very excited to use the hoof clay when I pull the pads on my boy with digital cushion issues.

—Customer Nici

The “Hoof Clay” is a game changer as far as I’m concerned. I love that it comes in a “Dry” and “Wet” Climate Formula, because during the winter months my horse has to be stalled and his hooves tend to have a chronic problem with bacteria, poop frogs and tender feet. Since I have been using the “Wet Climate Formula Hoof Clay” on a regular basis, my horse’s frog is healthy again with no bacteria. I also love the smell of it and think he dose too, because when I’m done applying it to his feet… he’s licking his lips. I give the “Equine Care By Design Hoof Clay “five (5) large gold stars and I guarantee you won’t be sorry you purchased and tried this product.

Longview, WA

My experience with Equine Care By Design for hooves has been amazing. Before applying product, my horses hooves were basically no frog or hoof pads. She was always tender footed, hard to pick up her leads. She now has a frog that is very healthy and pliable. Her frogs and heals are very healthy. Asking her to change leads… no problem. Her stride is long and aggressive with comfort. Ask her to use her backend, she sits and turns. Backs with ease. No more soreness! My gelding runs and plays in the field. He used to stand around always walking slow. This product is a must for all horses, for comfort and peace of mind. Enjoy their lives.

Onalaska, WA

On January 24th we found severe bruising on Jersey’s front feet. I packed his feet for 10 days with the ECBD Clay. On February 3rd Jersey had a vet check and was cleared to go back to work!!

Toledo, WA

Chief had a hairline abscess blow out, I stated using the Equine Care By Design Liniment at day one as well as the Hoof Clay for the bottom of his hooves. Day 3 Chief is walking better and bearing weight, loving both products!! Day 5 another huge improvement!

Amboy, WA

Bella had significant swelling in her legs due to the mud and standing around. I used the Equine Care By Design Mudd to pull down the inflammation in the legs. It worked so well! I wish I had taken before and after pictures of her cuz it worked great!

—Carrier E
Longview, WA

Just used the last of my clay on an emerging hoof abscess… Amazing! Need to order more.

Brush Prairie, WA

This product is great for this wet weather. I also used it last summer too for part of my horses maintenance!

Brush Prairie, WA

LOVE this Clay it has worked wonders on my horses!

Ridgefield, WA

This product has greatly improved the hoof health of several horses in my barn. Thanks!

Ridgefield, WA

Awesome product!! I love it! Highly recommended…

Ridgefield, WA

These products are a game changer for how we treat our horses!

Battle Ground, WA

Jerry was out working on my horse’s hooves in January, we talked about a few issues my mare was having both body and foot. He noticed that her back needed to get worked on. Jerry sold me the Equine Care By Design Liniment for her back. She was able to get enough relief that I could ride her lightly until I could get my body worker out! I would highly recommend you keep this product on hand!

Battle Ground, WA

So…..  I have a sore shoulder, broke it about 30 years ago.  Self diagnosed myself with a bit of bursitis. lol. I tried Lou’s  Original Liniment.  My sharp stabbing pains have gone down to an occasional dull ache and my range of motion has improved greatly.  I highly recommend this product!!!!  And it smells good too!

Dusty, WA

I have used many products with my horses in the past yet didn’t get the outcome I was expecting. After talking with Jerry, I decided to try the Equine Care By Design product line. The Hoof Clay was able to clean up my Thrush issues and built a better bottom (frog and sole) of my horses hooves. Both the Liniment and the Leg Mudd was very easy to use. I like to do standing wraps with the Liniment, it draws down the legs and keep them tight! The Mudd worked great when I wanted to do a quick cool down and turn the horses out to pasture. I am SOLD!

Redmond, OR