Equine Care by Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Hoof Clay

As often as needed, in most cases 3-4 days a week should work. 

Yes, the Clay is safe on the whole foot, you can even use into the hair line and over the bulbs. 

Yes!  In most cases using a thin layer over the sole will help the pain.

When dealing with an abscess, there are two ways of treating it. First you should always clean and inspect the hoof to make sure there are no other objects (rocks, manure etc..).  At that point, brush the hoof clean with a wire or stiff brush.  If the horse is going back to a clean stall, apply the Clay and simply put your equine friend away.  If your horse is going back out to a questionable environment, you can use a hoof boot or a duct tape boot to cover the hoof. In addition, I like the use of plastic wrap or vet wrap to help speed up the process.

It’s a very good idea, not only will the hoof be packed (adding padding) but it will also come out of the trailer without heat or inflammation.

There are two different consistencies we make. One for dry climate (summer) and one for wet climate (winter).

The Clay was designed to be used in the extremes! Yes, when it’s wet, the Clay will add an extra barrier from the bacteria and fungus that will cause havoc to your horse’s hooves. Think of it as a medicated pack for your hoof!

E CBD is the only product that has the ability to be used in many applications!  Let your imagination go!  We have, and most likely have tried it and found success!  From the angle of the hoof, it’s the only product on the market that has the ability to clean, kill bacteria and fungus, and reduce pain and inflammation in the hoof capsule. It increases circulation and blood flow, allowing the foot to recover and maintain a healthy structure.  

If you can smell and see the product after a few days, no need to reapply. It’s still working!

Anyone who’s been at their Farrier appointment has noticed or had their Farrier tell them about the garbage that was hiding under the shoe. By using the Clay on the bottom of the sole and frog, as well as around the shoe where the sole meets it, you will see a drastic change in one shoeing cycle.

Have your Farrier out to follow your Veterinarians Rx.  After the hoof has been worked on (possibly opened up) apply the Clay in the exposed regions.  Continue the application until the area is closed up.

No, gloves are not required to apply the Clay.

Leg Mudd

As needed. Depending on the issue, you may need to Mudd your horses once a day.

In some cases, cold hosing is a good start, yet not always needed.  Apply a layer of Mudd over the swollen area. It’s a good idea to go above and below the target area. 

Yes, but it’s not always needed.

Hose or Brush 

Yes, we have used the Mudd all over the horse’s body!

They will be just fine, everything in all our products are human grade and all natural! 

Mudd has the ability to work fast, in most cases you will see a sizeable change within one hour.

No, gloves are not needed to apply the product.

 You are correct! Your horse will benefit from the Mudd after a good workout. The Mudd will help tighten the leg, draw down inflammation and restore healthy function to the leg.

Everyone has different ways they like to haul. Some just a few hours, other all day. Some use shipping boots, others don’t. There is not always a right or wrong. One thing we know for sure, when you get to where your destination and your horses come out of the trailer with tight legs, this is a much better feeling than swollen or stiff. Yes, Mudd them! They will thank you.

Body Liniment

Yes, the liniment can be used all over, we have used it on legs, neck, back, head, shoulders, hip. 

Not needed at all!  The liniment is all human grade and all natural.

It doesn’t matter the time of year, the Mudd and Liniment will work in all weather conditions. The Liniment is a much cleaner application.

Unlike the Mudd, the Liniment will go on and work into the leg without seeing the product! Remember, there is CBD in our product. Some organizations have rules regarding the use of CBD products.

Yes, our products will help ease swollen, sore joints.

Hoof Conditioner

During the heat of summer, I like to apply daily. I find that in dry, warm climates, the conditioner will keep the hoof hydrated.

The conditioner will help keep a trimmed hoof from chipping.  Remember to keep your horses trimmed up, it will not take the place of a healthy trim. Your Farrier will appreciate you taking the time to invest in your horse’s hoof health.

I find that allowing your horse to stand for a few minutes after the application is not a bad idea. 

Yes please!  This will help out with the new growth coming down.

It was not designed for that use, yet it will surely be soothing and help with irritation.